Who We Are

P.E. Polynesian Tattoos is a freelance tattooing studio which specializes in:

-Custom made designs                                                                                                      -Piercing
-Tribal designs
-Maori designs
-Polynesian designs
-Mohican designs
-Fine detailed designs
-Black, colour work and shading
-Permanent make up

The tattoo studio is located at my home in park drive and it equipped with all necessary sterilization, tattooing and designing equipment. Cleanliness and professionalism is a daily practice at P.E Polynesian Tattoos, and all needles are used once off directly out of their sterilized packages for each client which means nothing is re-used for any client. As a perfectionist sharp, accurate and stylish work is the only thing you should expect from me as I take as much pride and joy in every piece of work as you do in choosing it. All clients only leave my studio satisfied and happy with their piece of art which they may take with them through all life’s adventures.

My rates are R450 per hour. A once off payment for a hole design can be arranged depending on the size and detail of the design. If you or any of your friends are stoked about ink or getting inked then give me a shout for a quote or I can also send you some of my work.