Permanent make up!!!!

To all you lovely gals and girls out there!!!!!!

the time has come to make your beauty shine and restore the beauty which has always been there;)P.E Polynesian Tattoos offers permanent makeup at affordable prices, you can get both eyes,upper and lower lids, lined in which ever colour you prefer. If you choose to go all the way and hit the lips too,all it will cost is an additional fee,to permanently restore the look you have always wanted contact Murray at orĀ on 076 476 7704


HAY HAY ladies and gents,

hope all of you are staying safe during the festive season and having a blast!!!!!Xmas is just around the corner and if you have not gotten around to buying a gift for those special people who are closest to you then P.E Polynesian Tattoos have gift vouchers for YOU!!!!! please contact murray on 076 476 7704 for more info;) ;)